company that applies jobs for me

How to find A Company That Applies to Jobs for Me

How to find A Company That Applies to Jobs for Me


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Considerations to Make When Looking for a Company

Who Can Help You Find Jobs?

Companies That Apply to Jobs for You

Choose as Your Job Hunting Partner!

According to research, using a third-party job search service can help you find opportunities faster. These services specialize in searching for and listing jobs that are most relevant to your skillset, as well as connecting you with employers who may be interested in your resume.



It can be challenging for job seekers to know where to begin when searching for the ideal company that would make their application stand out. Time is at a premium and sorting through potential employers takes effort. However, there are techniques to simplify and streamline the search process. This blog post will discuss how to choose the finest company to apply for jobs on your behalf so that you can spend more time applying rather than looking. Read on to learn some great tips and tricks for finding an employer who will work tirelessly with you toward achieving success in your career journey.

Considerations to Make When Looking for a Company

  1. Type of Job:



When looking for a company that submits applications for jobs, consider the kind and level of work you expect from them. Look for companies that specialize in these fields or have expertise helping people with similar backgrounds and needs if you're looking for entry-level work or have specific career goals in mind. This is important because they will know exactly how to craft your resume and highlight the right skills to best market yourself.

  1. Cost:



Look into how much the company charges for its services. If you're willing to spend extra, be sure the services you receive are of exceptional quality. To make sure you're choosing wisely, read up on their success stories and check reviews. This enables you to compare the prices and services offered by different companies. Most people opt for reasonable rates, but if your budget allows you to pay more for better services, then do so. 

  1. Quality & Reputation:



Verify the company's track record and reputation before choosing it. To learn how satisfied clients are with their services, consult the Better Business Bureau or read user reviews. You don't want to go with a company that has had negative reviews or questionable history. In addition, research the company's list of corporate clients and see if they have a good track record with those as well.

  1. Response Time:



How soon does the company answer questions? For your job applications to be processed quickly and effectively, excellent customer service is necessary. You can check it by contacting the company directly or seeing what other people say about them on social media sites or in online reviews. Are they accommodating to your individual needs? Or do they require you to adhere to a rigid timeline? The way they treat you will indicate the service you can expect from them.

  1. Services Offered:



Research the services the company offers, such as resume writing, job search tactics, interview coaching, etc., so you can select the one that's best for you. Ensure that the company focuses on helping people find their ideal job- it means that they understand the job search process and are able to adjust and tailor their services to meet your needs.


Who Can Help You Find Jobs?

Not everyone who is entering the workforce will seek support finding a job, but many people will.

You are lucky if you have a helpful friend or relative who can recommend you and help you get a job. Unfortunately, not everyone looking for a job feels that way.

There are multiple factors why someone might need help finding work. Some of these reasons are related to difficulties in finding work. However, many of them are more concerned with efficiency and convenience. To put it another way, finding employment assistance is a method to work more efficiently.

There are some career service companies that might be more suitable for you than others, depending on the type of assistance you need and your overall budget. So, let's get to know who can help you with your job search.



An innovative service called reverse recruitment is available to help job seekers in getting interviews. The assistance includes job hunting, applying for positions, and networking on the applicant's behalf.

A reverse recruiter is a person who helps job seekers do job searches, submit applications for open positions, and arrange interviews. This is the priciest option for job seekers, but it's also the most practical.

Reverse recruiters serve as your personal helper in the employment search. They may look for jobs on your behalf, submit applications for those jobs, establish contacts with influential people, and do other activities as part of their job.

Career Coaches



Career guidance professionals can turn to career coaches for their advice and assistance. From career exploration to leadership coaching, coaches can help.

Businesses that offer career coaching are also employment-assistance companies. The "teach a man to fish" approach is used by professional career coaches. Coaches will teach you some of the key skills and best practices on how to get a job on your own rather than doing all the work for you.

Different types of career coaches exist. For example, while some concentrate on interview preparation, some specialize in leadership coaching. In addition, some trainers dig deeply into your interests to identify the kinds of jobs that might be a good fit for you.

These services will often be less expensive than those offered by reverse recruiters. However, with this approach, you should expect to spend more time on your job hunt.

Resume Writers



Professional resume writers produce modern, simple-to-read, and ATS-friendly resumes. To produce excellent resumes, writers rely on their years of expertise and credentials in resume writing.

The most popular venues to get assistance in finding a job are professional resume writing services. They expertly craft marketing materials that will result in interviews.

In the US, a fast LinkedIn search for "resume writer" returns over 493,000 results. It can be challenging to hire a resume writer because so many people claim to be experts.

When choosing a resume writer, some of the most crucial factors to take into account are resume certifications, great online reviews, interview guarantees, and attractive resume samples.

Recruiting & Staffing



Staffing and recruiting companies help hiring managers in filling available positions. Recruiters find the best applicants and pair them with the companies that need their skills.

Traditionally, hiring managers have not been thought of as providing services to job searchers. However,  you might still be able to receive some help from them.  As a result, we listed them among the companies that help in job searching.

Companies hire recruiters to fill open vacancies. They won't perform direct labor for a job seeker. Although you'll never have to pay them, it's doubtful that they'll go above and beyond to help you in your job search.

It still doesn't hurt to network with a few recruiters in your target area who specialize in your field. In case they come across something suitable, you should let them know that you're looking for work.

Free Services



These are websites that offer free tools and advice to help job searchers in landing positions and advance in their professions. Job boards, career blogs, and resume generators are among the examples.

It's important to remember that paid services will provide the best value. But there are still free resources that can help you in finding work. Beyond recruiting and staffing companies, the Internet has a wealth of free tools for job seekers, such as résumé generators, job search engines, and career blogs.


Companies That Apply to Jobs for You

If you're thinking, "Can I hire someone else to apply for me and take on this stress?" the answer is yes, there are companies that can do that for you!

The bad news is that there aren't many companies offering to apply for jobs on your behalf.

Below are a few examples of services you can use to get job applications completed for you. Your job hunt will never be the same again from this point on!

  1. was created in 2019 by our three founders, Daniel, Blake, and Allison, who recognized the hassle of job searching. The process of finding a job involves much more than simply submitting applications. It requires scheduling interviews, preparing for them, and then actually attending them – and if you want to get the job, you need to be able to ace the interview. is a unique job-finding assistant that actually submits applications on our customers' behalf, allowing you to increase your chances of getting an interview or job offer. Our success rate is quite impressive; according to our most recent customer survey, 1 in 16 of the applications we've submitted have resulted in an interview. This means that if you use to apply for ten jobs, you have a good chance of being called in for at least one interview! 

Price: $20.00 for 20 job applications, $40.00 for 40 job applications, and $80.00 for 80 job applications.



  1. Find My Profession



The sector has seen significant advancements in how job seekers may manage their job search because of Find My Profession. In fact, the business was founded when Mike Podesto, the founder, was considering hiring someone to make his job applications and assist with his job search. Since there were no other possibilities, a fully controlled job hunt was born.

The day-to-day job search tasks are handled by their full-scope Career Finder service after updating your marketing materials. Your specialized Reverse Recruiter will identify open positions based on your requirements, submit applications to the positions you authorize with a tailored resume, digitally network on your behalf, and help you prepare for your interviews.

Price: $2500 monthly

  1. Resume Spice



The job application service is only one of the many career services that Resume Spice provides. This service is commonly called JobApply. Keith Wolf and Marsha Murray started the business. Both of these recruiting executives have a track record of great success. They have a sizable staff of career experts.

You will have access to a specific JobApply consultant with any package level. The service provides a dashboard to access and evaluate all the applications they are sending out.

Price: $799 to $1199 per month


       4. WeApply4U



WeApply4U will apply to jobs for you regardless of the level of position you desire. The service helps in finding summer jobs and applying for jobs all over the world. The business was established in 2006, and it has a sizable database of businesses that are categorized by industry.

WeApply4U is only committed to applying for jobs on your behalf. Contrary to many businesses, which combine the service with additional career services. They also provide job offers and assurances for your achievement.

Price: $1200 for 1,000 or more applications and $1400 for 2,000 or more applications

  1. The Babb Group



A specialized career service provider for academics and students is The Babb Group. They apply for teaching jobs on behalf of applicants as part of their variety of career services for instructors. The business collaborates with a sizable network of educators. Dr. Dani Babb established it in 2005.

The Babb Group serves as a recruiter for academic institutions as well. This provides them a significant advantage while looking for teaching positions for you. They also provide a number of cheap bundles that come with the application service.

Price: $175 for 20 applications to $325 for 40 applications

  1. UrResumeUrFuture



Atlanta-based UrResumeUrFuture provides career assistance. Since 2010, Generra Ingram, the founder, has assisted job searchers. All professional levels might receive application assistance from the company. Additionally, they aim for 100% consumer satisfaction.

The clients of Generra can change careers, enter the workforce again, or find a new job without any difficulty. Online customer reviews for the service are also excellent.

Price: $200 for every 12 applications


Choose as Your Job Hunting Partner!

Many job application services send spam emails to thousands of recruiters or blindly apply for jobs with a job bot, both of which can get you blacklisted and rejected from potential positions. But not with Why? Because with our easy-to-follow steps, you are guaranteed to get a job interview in the fastest way.



Step 1: Select a plan. You can choose how many job applications you want to send them out.

Step 2: Upload Resume. Here, you can describe your preferred job title. You can elaborate on your skill set, and, most importantly, you can choose your preferred job location.

Step 3: Get Interviews. You can easily wait, knowing that your job application is being processed.


So simple, isn't it? So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with the job application service and get your desired interview! With our professional job application service, you can be sure that your resume is seen by employers looking for someone just like you. So join today and start getting interviews!


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