How To Write An Application Letter For A Customer Service Job?

How To Write An Application Letter For A Customer Service Job?


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What is an application letter?

Importance of a customer service application letter

Write an application letter for customer service in 7 steps

Best practices for application letter

Common mistakes when writing application letters

A convincing application letter is a must!

How to use to land a customer service job?



When things go wrong, customer service representatives are your lifeline. Customer service representatives help the rest of us in resolving issues and get back on track, whether they are related to faulty items or forgotten logins.

While a lot of customer service jobs are rapidly being automated, businesses are still looking for human representatives with excellent communication skills who can manage challenging situations and deliver top-notch service. 

Customer service positions frequently exist in call centers or major corporations' corporate offices and provide stable work. These jobs also serve as excellent stepping stones into a range of other professions, particularly those involving sales or marketing.

So how do you enter this world of opportunity? Of course, you'll need a strong application letter.

On average, hiring managers take six to seven seconds to scan an application letter. Therefore, you must differentiate yourself from competitors if you want to get an interview. In that case, a strong application letter is the most effective approach to accomplish it.

Learn how to write an application letter that will catch the hiring manager's eye and drive you to the top of the list. But first, let's define what is an application letter first.


What is an application letter?

An application letter serves as a means of expressing your interest in a job. This document outlines your characteristics and educational history, both personally and professionally. The goal is to persuade hiring managers that you meet the requirements and are the best candidate for the job.

You can wow potential employers with application letters by demonstrating your familiarity with the company. Additionally, you might use the opportunity to explain how your objectives complement those of the business. Even though employers might not always request an application letter, it's a good thing to always submit one along with your CV.


Importance of a customer service application letter



The idea that an application letter is unnecessary has often been disproved. In fact, in a 2020 survey, 65% of hiring managers and recruiters admitted that application letters had an impact on their selection of candidates. In addition, making a good first impression is crucial since your customer service cover letter introduces you and your CV to a potential employer.

If the hiring manager is deciding between you and another applicant, the right application letter may help them choose you. If you do it well, your application letter can include more specific information about how your skill set fits the customer service role and contextual information that resumes lack typically.


Write an application letter for customer service in 7 steps

It's critical to convey the details that characterize you clearly and concisely in your application letter. For the hiring manager to quickly and readily understand what makes you unique, your application letter should have a solid framework that keeps your points organized.

To create your customer service application letter, follow these seven steps.

Step #1: Write a title and header



Your name should be in the letter's title, which should also be specific to the position you're looking for and the company you're sending it to.

For instance, you may format your application letter's title as follows:

Position: Company | Name

Customer Service Representative: Alorica Inc. | Ana Rogers

Next, make a header and provide your contact details:

  • Complete name
  • Cellphone number
  • Email address
  • Date
  • URLs of your social media accounts for work (LinkedIn)
  • Personal Website (optional)

Verify the professionalism of your email address and any social media links you include. When it comes to social media, you just need to provide your (updated) LinkedIn page unless another social media presence highlights abilities that are relevant to the position you are seeking.

Step #2: Begin with a greeting



Addressing the hiring manager by name at the start of your customer service application letter can make you stand out more, especially if you have to do some research to find their name.

You can check out the company website or conduct a LinkedIn company search if the job posting doesn't list the recruiting manager's name. From there, you can view the LinkedIn profiles of the employees to discover the most relevant contact.

If you still can't find it, try using a greeting such as "Dear Hiring Manager" or "Dear Recruiting Manager."

Step #3: Make a strong first impression with your introduction



The opening paragraph should do four things after your greeting. You will need to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Express your interest in the job
  • Describe your qualifications and why you'd be a good fit
  • State that with conviction

Here's an example:

Greetings, Mr. Manager

I'm excited to apply for the customer service representative position at Alorica Inc. using my eight-plus years of seasoned customer service experience.

Step #4: Convincingly complete your second paragraph



A wide range of talents is needed for every job. This is why it's essential to establish yourself as a strong prospect. Describe the ways in which your past experiences have demonstrated your soft skills, such as your capacity for problem-solving and teamwork.

Here's how you can do this:

  • Draw attention to two or three of your greatest accomplishments.
  • Include statistics and data to show the impact of your work.
  • Give examples of the most important hard and soft abilities.
  • Summarize your professional history

Step #5: Mention the company in the third paragraph



Describe why you wish to work for the company in this section. Then, to convince the recruiting manager that you are serious, do your research and give specific justifications.

This is yet another excellent chance to emphasize why you are the ideal applicant and a good fit for the position.

Step #6: Conclude by leaving them wanting more



You should express your gratitude to the hiring manager for their time and consideration in the final paragraph. Additionally, you might briefly state your interest in the job and your dedication to the following steps in the hiring process.

Include a compelling call to action as well. You can even add personality and humor to make them desire more.

Step #7: Implement the proper formal closing



Always end on a professional note. As examples for your conclusion, consider the following:

  • Best regards
  • With respects
  • Sincerely
  • Thank you


Best practices for application letter 

Here are a few tips for writing an application letter for customer service that will stand out.

  • Include a one-minute pitch

Explain in a few phrases in the second paragraph of your application letter:

  • What qualifies you for the position
  • What makes you eager to work for the company?
  • How well this job fits your career objectives

The key is expressing enthusiasm for the position. Consider it from the standpoint of the hiring manager: average candidates who are merely seeking a job are less likely to stand out.

  • Make it scannable

Hiring managers are incredibly busy, so they won't have time to slog through lengthy, thick paragraphs filled with extraneous details. Cut the filler in your application letter and keep it short.

Make sure your application letter is simple to scan by using the following to highlight the key details you want the hiring manager to see:




  • Bulleted lists
  • Bold font
  • Spacing
  • Subheadings

Additionally, you can arrange your application letter to reflect the particular qualities of the employer. For instance, if you perform research on the company and discover that it has a dynamic, creative culture, don't be afraid to play around with unconventional aspects like colors, styles, and silly typefaces. However, never ever use Comic Sans.

  • Tell a story

The information in your resume should not be repeated in your application letter. Instead, take advantage of the chance to elaborate and share one of your customer service success stories.

Choose a project or experience where you proved you had the qualifications listed in the job description. An application letter is a fantastic opportunity to show off your interests and personality.

  • Use data

Include evidence to back up your claims wherever possible, especially when promoting your successes. For instance, if you excelled at customer service in a previous role, quantify that success by mentioning your quick resolution times or overall satisfaction rating.

Using precise data and analytics to demonstrate your influence will set you apart from the competitors.

  • Prove how much you love helping people

In addition to displaying your knowledge and experience in customer service, let them know how passionate you are about the field. The hiring manager seeks a long-term worker who can advance the business. In the end, they want a candidate that is passionate about offering top-notch client service.

  • Proofread

Your motivation as a candidate should come out in your application letter. Any job requires attention to detail. Therefore you must make sure your application letter is flawless. Check your grammar and spelling with available tools online.

In case you missed any errors, having someone else proofread your cover letter is also a good idea. Having a new set of eyes go over your application letter will spare you from the easily avoidable horror of discovering an error just seconds after you press submit.


Common mistakes when writing application letters

Other job applicants for customer service positions will likely make a few typical errors. Avoid these mistakes to advance:

  • Generic letters



Hiring managers can tell when your cover letter is generic, and just the greeting is different for each application. This may appear to be a fast route, but it could negatively affect your chances of landing a job. So instead, keep each letter relevant and customized to the qualifications required for the position.

  • Very formal or complex grammar



When the whole point of customer service is to appear casual and approachable, then why should your application letter be unnecessarily professional and full of words you would never use in real life? Writing in your own style while maintaining professionalism is far preferable. 

  • Formatting mistakes



The hiring manager will assess the look and feel of your application letter before they ever read a word of it. Make sure the font is the correct style, size, and color and that all other design elements complement the company's vibe. Tools for professional formatting can be useful.

  • Problems with tone



The tone is crucial in customer service. Nobody wants to work with someone who is rude and egotistical. The same goes for someone who is extremely humble about their achievements. Furthermore, you don't want to give the impression that you are pleading for a job out of desperation. The key is to convey your enthusiasm for a prospective chance while being forceful about your passion and skills.

  • Bringing up negative details



Professionals in customer service are expected to look for the good in any circumstance and do their best to improve the customer's experience. By presenting only positive details, your customer service application letter will demonstrate your understanding of this fundamental idea. Bring up your professional accomplishments and inspire the recruiting manager to want to have you on the team.


A convincing application letter is a must!

A customer service application letter is your chance to showcase your individuality and sell your potential to the hiring manager while still emphasizing your primary competencies in a complete CV. It deserves just as much attention as your resume, so don't treat it like an alternate option.


How to use to land a customer service job?

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