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Resume Exposure

Resume Exposure

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Resume Exposure lets you easily share your resume with's partner network. Let our connections help you find a great job.

Increase your chances of getting hired with access to hundreds of potential job opportunities. Get the recognition you deserve with Resume Exposure.

How it works

  • Share Your Resume With 100's of Recruiters
  • Add Your Resume In Active Candidate Pipelines and Databases
  • Share Your Resume With 50+ Staffing Agencies
  • Posted Bi-Weekly Until You Are Hired
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Customer Testimonials

  • Mike L.

    This service was fantastic. I was getting interview calls on my second week. Their pace of applies worked well as otherwise it would have been too much. I'd highly recommend this to friends/family who just doesn't want to spend the time to apply to jobs.

  • Leila J.

    I really liked this service and thought it worked better than I expected.

    I ended up canceling after 2 months because of how well it worked (2 offers, 7 interviews from 200 applications for a design role).

  • Randy S.

    Thanks for the great work guys. Honestly it's worth every penny and allowed me to save a few hours each week to focus on interviews/case studies instead.

    The response rate was okay and I felt they did a good job finding relevant jobs to apply on my behalf.